Got opinions?

Employee completing the survey

Employees have about two weeks to complete the latest Postal Pulse, the survey that USPS uses to help improve its workplaces.

The survey measures engagement, which refers to employees’ overall approach to their work, including their involvement, enthusiasm and commitment.

It takes about 5 minutes to complete the survey, which has 13 questions and a comment box where employees can share feedback in their own words.

USPS began the survey last month. The deadline is Friday, June 22.

Bargaining employees received the survey at their homes and workplaces, while non-bargaining employees received an email that allows them to complete the survey on a secure site run by Gallup, the organization that conducts the Postal Pulse.

Additionally, all employees can take the survey on LiteBlue.

Although employees are being given several options to participate, only the first survey received by Gallup for each employee will be counted. Gallup doesn’t share individual employees’ responses with USPS.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue page has more information.