Baby steps

Business customer and her child

A new video highlights how much one customer relies on the Postal Service for her home-based business.

“Jessie’s Story” features Jessie Ellerston, a busy Eagle Mountain, UT, mom who operates an online toddler shoe store.

“I package the shoes, I print the labels and I schedule a pickup and never have to leave my house,” she says.

Lehi, UT, Rural Carrier Derrick Forbush is shown picking up some of Ellerston’s Priority Mail packages.

“I could not run this business without USPS,” Ellerston says.

The video is part of the latest #PostalProud campaign, which features customers expressing their appreciation for employees’ work. “Jessie’s Story” also underscores how employees help USPS build loyalty among business customers.

You can watch the 1-minute, 42-second video on LiteBlue. The video also will be available on Blue soon.