Postal Inspector holds package

The Postal Inspection Service helped ensure the safety of the mail and packages received at Nationals Park before this week’s All-Star Game in Washington, DC.

Inspectors screened all mailpieces and parcels — including packages from other couriers — for harmful chemicals, biological agents and explosives. They also looked for abnormalities like excessive postage, too much tape, missing return addresses and lopsided packages.

“Major League Baseball is an American institution, just like the U.S. Mail. Protecting these institutions is a source of pride for postal inspectors. We do our part to keep the players, spectators and employees safe by ensuring the packages and parcels going to the stadium are safe,” said Deputy Chief Inspector Dave Bowers.

The All-Star Game, held July 17, drew thousands of attendees and marked the first time since 1969 that Washington, DC, hosted the midsummer classic.

The Inspection Service regularly conducts mail and package screenings at major events that draw heightened security. Inspectors screened more than 17,000 mailpieces and packages at eight national events last year, including the Super Bowl.