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Colorful mailboxes on rural road

Hawaii is on its way to becoming the fourth state in the nation to conduct all elections by mail, beginning in two years.

Colorado, Oregon and Washington are the other states that hold all elections by mail.

“Hawaii is taking action to improve voter participation in the political process and stimulating our democracy by ensuring all voices have equal opportunity to be heard,” Corie Tanida, executive director of Common Cause Hawaii, a nonpartisan organization, said in a statement.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signed legislation this month to switch to a universal vote-by-mail election system, a process that will start with a pilot program during the 2020 elections.

Studies show that allowing people to vote by mail boosts turnout, especially during lower-profile elections.

The Postal Service works with election officials across the nation — including secretaries of state, county election directors and others — to ensure Election Mail and Political Mail requirements are met each year.

USPS also educates employees on procedures to accept, process and deliver Election Mail and Political Mail.