News quiz

Black-and-white image of smiling man in suit and letter carriers

Here’s Link’s latest “News quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Which three states currently conduct all elections by mail?

a) Colorado, Oregon and Washington
b) Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon
c) Colorado, Hawaii and Washington
d) Hawaii, Oregon and Washington

2. Fill in the blank: Salt Lake City Electronics Technician Greg Prawitt helps maintain equipment that can process a maximum of about (blank) pieces of mail each day.

a) 2,000
b) 20,000
c) 200,000
d) 2 million

3. Which USPS site is the subject of a new video on YouTube?

a) Link
b) Link mobile

4. Who originally designed Mr. ZIP?

a) H. Bentley Hahn
b) Ethel Merman
c) Robert Moon
d) Harold Wilcox

5. Who painted the image on the Madonna and Child holiday stamp that USPS will release this year?

a) Bachiacca
b) Caravaggio
c) Michelangelo
d) Raphael

Answers: 1) a. 2) c. 3) d. 4) d. 5) a.

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