Winning teams

USPS employees stand in front of Post Office

USPS has recognized 672 teams that have created positive workplace environments, based on results from this year’s Postal Pulse employee survey.

The teams received “certified engaged” status. This means they met a host of criteria, including incorporating employee engagement principles — such as stronger communications and more employee recognition — into their daily activities.

The number of certified engaged teams within USPS is up 20 percent from last year and 13 percent from two years ago.

“The increase in the number of certified engaged teams demonstrates that the Postal Service is continuing to transform its workplace culture and strengthen employees’ enthusiasm, involvement and commitment to their work,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

The certified engaged team program is one of several engagement initiatives that USPS has introduced during the past four years. The benefits of an engaged workforce include higher employee retention and more customer satisfaction, which is linked to stronger revenue growth.

The Employee Engagement Blue page has a list of the 672 certified engaged teams. Employees who have questions can email them to