Pedal to the metal

Hot Wheels ceremony participants

The Postal Service dedicated its Hot Wheels stamps Sept. 29 at an automotive race in Fort Worth, TX.

The stamps celebrate the pocket-sized, die-cast metal racing cars that Mattel Inc. introduced 50 years ago.

“Right from the start, Hot Wheels were a thrilling experience. There wasn’t anything really like them on the market. Sure, there were die-cast cars and other models out there, but Hot Wheels were a different animal altogether. They didn’t just look fast. They were fast,” said Marketing Vice President Steve Monteith, who led the ceremony.

The event was held at a Goodguys Rod and Custom Association race at Texas Motor Speedway. Other speakers were Ricardo Briceno, Hot Wheels’ director of global brand marketing, and Harry Daviess, Goodguys’ vice president of event operations.

Hot Wheels debuted in 1968 and were soon followed by iconic orange racing tracks that allowed kids to test their racing skills. The line was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2011.

The colorful 20-stamp pane features 10 designs that showcase Hot Wheels cars with playful names like Rigor Motor, Bone Shaker and Sharkcruiser. The iconic Hot Wheels logo appears in the top right corner of the pane, while the back of the pane displays the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary logo.

Customers can purchase the stamps at Post Offices and