Election connection

Postal worker sits on forklift moving mail

Postal Service employees across the nation are expressing pride in the organization’s vital work before the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

USPS is delivering millions of Election Mail and Political Mail pieces, including ballots, voter registration cards, polling place information and campaign materials.

“We always give Election Mail and Political Mail priority treatment,” said William Connor, a mail handler at the Detroit Processing and Distribution Center. “We want to make sure voters have a chance to look at their mail to make informed choices when voting.”

In addition to timely acceptance, processing and delivery, employees work closely with state and local election offices and campaigns to ensure Election Mail and Political Mail pieces meet postal requirements.

“I really appreciate being able to review the ballot envelopes to make sure everything is correct on them so they can be delivered efficiently. I really consider this my service to the election process,” said Paula Bigornia, a Pacific Area mailpiece design analyst.

Many employees see their work during the election as part of the organization’s core strategy to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Said Indio, CA, Postmaster Vonda Hostetler: “All of our customers and residents count on us to ensure they get the information they want and need with election and political mail.”