Travel tips

SmartPay 3 travel cards

The Postal Service is providing employees with additional guidance on the transition to SmartPay 3 travel cards.

Employees currently use Citi commercial travel cards that are issued under the U.S. General Services Administration’s SmartPay 2 program. These cards will expire Nov. 29 and be replaced by Citi commercial travel cards that are issued under SmartPay 3 and will become active Nov. 30.

Here’s a brief overview of what USPS wants you to know:

• If you currently have a SmartPay 2 card and plan to travel after Nov. 29, don’t book advance reservations through GetThere, the Postal Service’s online booking tool. Instead, update your GetThere profile with your new activated SmartPay 3 card, then book your reservations.

• If you require airfare from Nov. 25-29, your SmartPay 2 card should be charged. If airfare is required for travel from Nov. 30 and beyond, your SmartPay 3 card should be charged.

• If you plan to travel from Nov. 25-30, ensure you have both your SmartPay 2 and SmartPay 3 travel cards on hand during this time.

The USPS Travel Office has created a document with more details. You can access this document on LiteBlue.

If you have questions or concerns, send an email to