Good work

USPS Historian Jenny Lynch

Postal Service employees discussed their contributions to the organization through Link’s “On the job” series this year.

Judy Huelsing, a custodian in St. Louis, talked about the pride she takes in keeping her workplace neat and orderly.

“I believe having a really clean facility promotes a good work environment and positively affects employees’ attitudes. It also helps give customers a good impression of USPS,” she said.

Two different kinds of mechanics — Fidel Aguliar, who repairs LLVs in San Diego, and Anthony Lattimer, who keeps equipment moving in Detroit — discussed their behind-the-scenes roles.

Said Aguliar: “No matter what, we have to keep the mail rolling.”

The series also featured Chris Hubble, a St. Petersburg, FL, letter carrier who makes all his deliveries by bicycle — and who wouldn’t want it any other way.

“It’s a great stress reliever and there’s a greater sense of freedom,” he said.

Several employees — including Riverdale, MD, Retail Associate Shannon Wilson-Ellis;  Columbus, OH, Retail Specialist Jim Hammar; and Pittsburgh Master Facilitator Gerry Papariella — talked about the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences, one of the Postal Service’s core strategies.

Another “On the job” subject, Acting Organizational Development Analyst Mark Wahl, explained a concept postal workers hear a lot about these days: employee engagement.

“When you’re proud of where you work, when you’re excited to have conversations with customers and co-workers, and when that feeling is part of everything you do, that’s engagement,” Wahl said.

Jenny Lynch has one of the coolest jobs of all: She’s an historian at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, where she helps preserve the organization’s history and heritage.

“I love to research, write and learn new things, and I frequently get to do all three,” she said. “Postal history is so vast that opportunities for research are endless.”