Scan for success

Postal employee with mail in a processing plant

The Postal Service wants employees to understand the importance of accurate scanning to Mail Condition Visualization (MCV), an Informed Visibility module that will provide near-real-time conditions of mail and packages in processing facilities.

The data delivered by MCV is closely linked to the manual scan “events” captured through Surface Visibility (SV). This means failure to comply with SV scan procedures will undermine MCV data.

If SV scans don’t occur at originating facilities, mail volume won’t be removed from inventory in a timely manner, and there will be an inaccurate increase in delayed dispatch data.

If these scans don’t occur at destination facilities, the facility’s on-hand inventory won’t be accurately reflected within MCV.

SV scans play an essential role in the accuracy of MCV data, so USPS is relying on employees to provide accurate and timely scans of incoming and outgoing mail inventory.

“As we prepare for the deployment of MCV, organizationally we must strive for the highest service standards by improving SV scores and the collection of scan event data,” said Enterprise Analytics Vice President Isaac Cronkhite.

“If scans aren’t performed correctly or at all, the removal of mail inventory from a facility will not generate accurate data and likewise create a false positive for mail delays and other mail conditions,” he said.

MCV is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate, a core strategy, and move toward more streamlined, efficient processes. USPS will provide employees with more information on MCV before its launch in early 2019 as the organization’s official system of record.