Moving forward

Smiling woman, man hold crystal trophies

The Postal Service has honored more than 80 employees in the latest Engagement Leader of the Year Awards competition.

The awards recognize leaders who foster employee involvement, enthusiasm and commitment.

The Employee Engagement Blue page lists the honorees at the district and headquarters levels.

Postal Service employees across the nation chose nominees for the competition. Selection committees then reviewed these nominations and chose the first round of honorees.

These honorees will now move to the next round, where the group will be winnowed to one representative for each of the Postal Service’s seven geographic areas, and one representative for each member of the executive leadership team at headquarters.

These individuals will then become finalists for the National Engagement Leader of the Year Awards, which will be announced later this year. There will be two final award winners: one who represents the field and one who represents headquarters.

Last year, Suncoast District Manager Eric Chavez and Pacific Area Deputy Managing Counsel Catherine Meek received National Engagement Leader of the Year Awards.