On patrol

Postal Police officer hiring announcement

There’s another chance to protect and serve.

The Postal Service will accept applications for Postal Police officers from Tuesday, Feb. 19, through Monday, Feb. 25.

Only members of the general public and non-career postal employees — such as city carrier assistants, rural carrier associates and mail handler assistants — are eligible to apply. Career employees who had been previously invited to apply for Postal Police officer positions from Feb. 8-14 are not eligible to apply for these external vacancy announcements.

Postal Police officers patrol USPS premises to prevent loss or damage to mail and postal assets and to protect people on postal property.

Those interested in applying for these external vacancies will find information on careers with the Postal Service and for this opportunity at https://about.usps.com/careers/search-apply/welcome.htm. Applicants will first need to create a profile and then they can search for the Postal Police officer vacancy announcements using the keyword “Postal Police.”