MTE labels

Employee removing label

The Postal Service is reminding employees about the proper handling of mail transport equipment (MTE) labels.

The labels identify the destination for each mail container, which means a misplaced label can send the mail to the wrong destination.

Employees are responsible for removing all labels and tags from sacks, trays and tubs when they empty the mail. The Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers do not remove labels or processing tags from MTE.

Old tray labels must be thrown away, and any tags must be collected and reused.

“Our customers rely on us to correctly move and deliver mail,” USPS reported in a recent Postal Bulletin. “Old labels left in empty MTE increase the possibility of mistakes when this equipment is reused. Just the small act of ‘removing the label’ can make a big impression on our mailers when they receive clean, useable MTE ready for their mail.”

The Postal Bulletin article has additional information.