Mr. Benberry’s memories

Randy Benberry, a mechanic at the Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Center.

Randy Benberry, a mechanic at the Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Center, recently marked his 56th year as a postal employee.

“I loved it from when I started, and I’ll still love it when I leave,” he said.

Before beginning his postal career, Benberry served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, where he was stationed in France and Germany and spent his time “eavesdropping” on the nation’s Cold War enemies.

While serving in the corps, Benberry witnessed the Berlin Wall go up and divide the German city, as well as President John F. Kennedy’s speech declaring U.S. support for West Berlin in its fight against communism.

In 1963, Benberry was discharged and returned to Indianapolis.

His postal career started months later when he was hired as a temporary worker and then as a custodian at a federal courthouse and Post Office complex. He transferred to the Indianapolis Processing and Distribution Center after it opened in 1971.

Benberry has happily worked there ever since.

The Paducah, KY, native — who is known to one and all as “Mr. Benberry” — is a popular figure among co-workers. He brings his lunch to work each day in a paper bag and never calls in sick, amassing more than 5,000 hours of sick leave.

In his free time, Benberry, who is single, enjoys watching cowboy movies on TV.

“Mr. Benberry is the most reliable and dependable person there is. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face,” said Lead Maintenance Manager Wayne Vaughn.

Benberry has no plans to retire, but he knows he’ll have to call it quits some day.

“If I could, I’d work another 10 years,” he said.