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Public Information Officer Andrea Avery

My name is Andrea Avery, and I’m the Postal Inspection Service’s national public information officer. I work at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, where I help respond to media inquiries and ensure the public is aware of the great work we do.

If something newsworthy occurs involving postal inspectors or crimes concerning the mail, I coordinate with USPS Corporate Communications representatives and ensure that the Inspection Service field divisions are aware of the agency’s official response. We should all be on the same page.

I also conduct employee training, provide information to customers on how to avoid becoming a victim of mail fraud, and offer guidance on USPS informational campaigns. For example, during the holiday delivery season, I provide mail and package safety messages that are communicated to USPS customers.

The Postal Service is part of my family. My mom was a Postmaster for almost 30 years. I began my career in 2005 and spent 12 years as an inspector in the field before moving into my current role last year. I was attracted to my current job because the Inspection Service does important work and I wanted to be in a position to promote and celebrate it.

When I’m not at work, I enjoying traveling to visit family and friends. I also love to bake — cakes, cookies, cupcakes, anything that’s sweet — and I’m an avid reader.

My career has provided me with many wonderful opportunities. The places I’ve lived, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve gotten to do — you can’t beat this agency.

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