Prestigious award

USPS Customer Experience Vice President Kelly Sigmon

Kelly Sigmon, the Postal Service’s customer experience vice president, was recently honored by her alma mater, CalPoly Pomona College of Engineering.

Citing Sigmon’s accomplishments, the Pomona, CA-based college inducted her into its prestigious Hall of Fame, which recognizes distinguished engineers and their achievements to inspire future generations of students.

This year, Sigmon is one of nine alumni to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which has 49 members. The college has more than 25,000 alumni.

The inductees exemplify “the creativity, discovery and innovation that define our university,” Soraya Coley, the college’s president, wrote in a letter to the inductees.

Sigmon leads Customer Experience, a new USPS organization that is responsible for driving customer-centric strategies and initiatives. Customer Experience encompasses the Office of Customer Experience and Strategy, the Consumer Advocate organization and the Customer Care Centers.