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Are you reading Postal Facts?

Earlier this year, USPS updated the popular website with even more impressive data about operations, stamps and other topics.

New features include “Postal Is …,” a section that emphasizes the organization’s values, including its focus on employees, customers and providing trusted, affordable service.

Other additions include a section on USPS innovations, such as Automated Package Verification, a program that automates postage collection.

Also, Postal Facts now highlights surprising information, like this out-of-this-world tidbit: In 2018, USPS employees traveled 1.4 billion miles to deliver mail, equivalent to 52,220 laps around the Earth.

The site is available at, where you can also download all the information as a PDF document. You can also share individual facts on social media.

If you have feedback or suggestions for next year’s edition, send an email to