Serving customers

Smiling employee wearing a telephone headset.

USPS has begun rolling out its Customer 360 platform at Consumer Affairs offices, Customer Care Centers and Post Offices.

Customer Care Centers in Troy, MI, and Edison, NJ, along with Post Offices in Capital Metro Area, have been testing the new tool — called C360 — for several months.

C360 is part of the Postal Service’s core strategy to deliver excellent customer experiences. The system shows when, where and how often a customer has previously contacted the Postal Service for help, and it integrates other applications to help address customers’ inquiries faster.

“With the potential of over 60,000 employees logging in and using this system, careful attention is being given to training and accessibility,” said Western Area Marketing Manager Debra Persico, who is overseeing the implementation of C360.

Care center agents are receiving training on the new system.

Training for area and district ambassadors, all of whom will provide training and assistance to field offices, is underway. The HERO learning platform will also have training for Consumer and Industry Contact offices and Post Offices.

“Of course, everyone using this new product must first complete training prior to submitting a request for access,” Persico said.

The C360 rollout is taking place over several months. The Customer 360 Blue page has more information.