Shifting gears

The Postal Service is accelerating the use of data-driven analytics to drive results.

Mail Condition Visualization (MCV) is the latest super-charged module from Informed Visibility designed to improve operations and enhance mail visibility.

MCV is now the organization’s official system of record for mail processing conditions. It replaces the Mail Condition Reporting System (webMCRS), which was retired Aug. 1.

MCV provides fast, streamlined data intelligence to help increase the accuracy of mailpiece reporting with near-real-time updates on conditions of mail and packages in processing facilities.

While eliminating the need for manual reporting, MCV shifts data analysis and reporting into “cruise control,” providing near-real-time information on mail conditions.

Operations is using MCV’s innovative features to identify opportunities for increased performance to improve plant capabilities.

MCV offers information on all mail shapes, classes and categories. The module is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate to deliver value, a core strategy, and move toward more streamlined, efficient processes.

To gain access to Informed Visibility and MCV, submit a request through eAccess. Supervisor approval is required.