Gift of life

Toledo, OH, Retail Associate Nicole Bugaj

A Postal Service employee will soon become an organ donor for a toddler in the final stages of kidney disease.

Nicole Bugaj, a Tolelo, OH, retail associate, was driving to work in May when she saw a billboard advertisement seeking a kidney for a 3-year-old Delta, OH, boy named Ronnie Rusek.

The child needed a donor with blood types B or O, the sign read.

After two days of seeing the sign, Bugaj called the number to see if she could help. After several rounds of testing, she learned she was a match for Ronnie, who has been on a transplant waiting list for almost two years.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” said Bugaj, who also donates blood platelets every month to help save other lives.

Ronnie’s family received media attention shortly after placing the unique ad.

“I had numerous doctors tell me he wouldn’t live after birth. We had a death plan for him,” Mary Rusek, the boy’s mother, told WTOL, the local CBS station.

Colleagues at the Kenwood Post Office are proud of Bugaj.

Charbieara Garland, a customer services supervisor, said “it was no shock” to learn the retail associate would donate a kidney.

“Nikki has never had a problem going above and beyond for the customers,” Garland said.
“There is never a task too big or complicated for her to handle.”

It will take a few weeks for Bugaj to recuperate from the surgery, which is expected to occur this month, but it’s worth it, she said.

“Giving back is so important to me,” she said. “Why not try to help?”

Easier shipping

Boxes containing mail

USPS will introduce a website this month to help businesses serve customers who purchase merchandise online and then decide to return it.

The new USPS Shipping Consolidators site will go live Sept. 30, replacing the current Shipping Consolidators site.

The revamped site will support shipping and returns consolidators that use the Postal Service for delivery. This includes parcels that are entered at local Post Offices and delivered to customers’ homes — also known as “last mile” service.

Consolidators listed on the old site won’t automatically transfer to the new one.

A solicitation inviting consolidators to the new site — including qualifications and guidelines — is detailed on the PostalPro site.

There’s no fee for approved consolidators to be listed on the new USPS Approved Shipping and Returns Consolidators site.

However, selected consolidators must meet certain criteria, including entering into consolidator linking and trademark licensing agreements.

Selected consolidators also are required to follow style guidelines for USPS trademarks and logos. Consolidators also must provide a company logo that meets specific standards for publication on

Additionally, consolidators should review USPS privacy policies.

The new USPS Approved Shipping and Returns Consolidators site is part of the Postal Service’s ongoing efforts to grow its package delivery and shipping business.

For additional information about the site, email the Business Alliances Office at

Moral support

Three t-shirts

Postal Service employees can order USPS-approved T-shirts to promote the Breast Cancer Research and Alzheimer’s semipostal stamps.

Employees can order the shirts, at their own expense, from Tee Luv at Employees must enter this passcode when placing orders: usps2019.

Each shirt sells for $13.99.

Orders for the Breast Cancer Research shirts, available in pink and black, will be accepted until Sept. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Orders for the Alzheimer’s shirts, available in white, will be accepted until Oct. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

USPS is also reminding employees to only promote semipostal stamp activities or events in accordance with Ethics Office guidelines.

Seeking donations or holding raffles or drawings tied to semipostal stamps is not permitted.

Employees who have questions can email them to