Proper procedures

The Postal Service is reminding employees to follow proper procedures when reporting hazardous chemical spills that could affect the environment.

Employees are required to immediately notify a manager or supervisor if they see evidence of a hazardous material spill. Employees must never take action to contain a spill unless it’s for their protection or unless they have been trained to handle minor spills.

Managers or supervisors must take the following steps to report a hazardous spill that reaches stormwater, sanitary sewer drains, waterways, soil, groundwater or surface water:

• Report the incident to the appropriate regional manager, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, and the safety specialist.

• Notify the appropriate federal, state and local environmental agencies. Initial telephone notification and follow-up written reporting may be required.

• Submit a completed PS Form 8187, Hazardous and Regulated Substance Release Notification.

The policy ensures postal facilities remain in compliance with applicable environmental laws.

The Environmental Compliance Blue page has additional information.