Up to the minute

Two hands holding smartphones displaying USPS apps

The Postal Service will introduce an application this fall to make it easier for employees using personal computers or mobile devices to see their time clock entries.

The Virtual Timecard app will provide employees with near-real-time, secure access to their Time and Attendance Collection System clock entries and accrued work hours.

Additionally, employees — including those who use electronic badge readers — will be able to view clock rings and accumulated work hours by category for the current pay period.

The Virtual Timecard will be available in November as an “Employee App – Quick Link” option on LiteBlue, which can be accessed on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Keeping current

The Postal Communicator’s Toolbox has new content.

The Toolbox is a Blue page that offers fact sheets, talking points, customizable speeches, presentation templates, logos, videos and more.

USPS managers and supervisors can use this material to communicate about the organization during meetings with employees and customers, as well as during activities like National Postal Customer Council Week, which begins Monday, Sept. 23.

Corporate Communications manages the Toolbox, which was introduced last year to replace the communications binders previously distributed to managers.

Users can select the page’s “Topics Overview” heading to learn how to use the Toolbox and to download materials.

Proper procedures

The Postal Service is reminding employees to follow proper procedures when reporting hazardous chemical spills that could affect the environment.

Employees are required to immediately notify a manager or supervisor if they see evidence of a hazardous material spill. Employees must never take action to contain a spill unless it’s for their protection or unless they have been trained to handle minor spills.

Managers or supervisors must take the following steps to report a hazardous spill that reaches stormwater, sanitary sewer drains, waterways, soil, groundwater or surface water:

• Report the incident to the appropriate regional manager, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, and the safety specialist.

• Notify the appropriate federal, state and local environmental agencies. Initial telephone notification and follow-up written reporting may be required.

• Submit a completed PS Form 8187, Hazardous and Regulated Substance Release Notification.

The policy ensures postal facilities remain in compliance with applicable environmental laws.

The Environmental Compliance Blue page has additional information.

Help on the line

Smiling call center operator

Here’s Link’s latest “News Quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Fill in the blank: The (blank) Center is a USPS centralized help desk that assists commercial customers with their mailing and shipping needs.

a) Business Acceptance Performance
b) Business Acceptance Solutions
c) Mailing and Shipping Solutions
d) Mail Entry and Payment Technology

2. True or false: The Privacy Act of 1974 allows USPS to disclose information protected under the law, such as change of address and PO Box holder information.

a) True
b) False

3. How should you conclude conference calls conducted through WebEx?

a) Select the “End Meeting” button
b) Select the “End Call” button
c) Select the “Hang Up” button
d) Select the “Sign Off” button

4. Which of these annual initiatives began Sept. 9?

a) Combined Federal Campaign
b) Dog Bite Prevention Week
c) National Postal Customer Council Week
d) Stamp Out Hunger food drive

5. The portrait of Walt Whitman featured on the new Literary Arts stamp is based on a photograph taken by whom?

a) Greg Breeding
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Frank Pearsall
d) Sam Weber

Answers: 1) c. 2) a. 3) a. 4) a. 5) c.

Look for a new quiz next week and share your feedback with Link at uspslink@usps.gov.