Cremated remains

Shipping materials

The Postal Service is improving the process for customers who ship cremated remains through the mail.

The changes aim to make it easier for employees and customers alike to track cremated remains as they move through the USPS network.

The changes also will ensure the process remains safe and deliveries are timely.

Under the improved process, customers who use their own packaging must follow the guidelines for shipping cremated remains detailed in Publication 139, How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains, and Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, and affix the updated version of Label 139, Cremated Remains, to all sides of the package, including the top and bottom.

Label 139, which is now available, has a vibrant orange color and comes in a larger size — 4 by 6 inches — to make it more visible to postal employees who process the shipments.

Customers who don’t use their own packaging must use the Priority Mail Express Cremated Remains box, also known as Box CRE.

Customers can also order a cremated remains mailing kit that contains a sturdy box preprinted with Label 139 on all sides (including the top and bottom), bubble cushioning, a self-sealing plastic bag, reinforced Priority Mail Tape, and a copy of Publication 139, which has been updated to include the new requirements.

The kit is available on the Postal Store.

The Postal Service will also release a “how to” YouTube video with step-by-step instructions for packaging and mailing cremated remains.