Certified success

The Postal Service has extended “certified engaged” status to 614 teams, a special form of recognition that is given to groups that create positive workplace environments.

To qualify, a team must have at least 75 percent of its members complete the most recent Postal Pulse employee survey.

The team must also rank among the top 75 percent of all groups that are clients of Gallup, the organization that conducts the survey on the Postal Service’s behalf.

Additionally, the Postal Service wants the leadership of each qualifying team to incorporate the 12 principles of engagement — including strong communication and timely recognition — into their daily activities.

Last year, USPS recognized 672 teams with certified engaged status.

This year, an automation team that works the evening shift — also known as “tour 3” — at the San Jose, CA, Processing and Distribution Center became the first automation team to achieve the status.

The Employee Engagement Blue page has a list of all 2019 certified engaged teams, as well as an overview of the 12 principles of engagement and other information.