Hear! Hear!

Employees at the Delafield, WI, Post Office have taken the challenge of revenue generation to heart. And to get the job done, they have relied — above all else — on their ears.

“We take a lot of pride in listening to our customers,” said Postmaster Joe Rohan. “We get information from them and then we see how we can help.”

One customer suggested that Rohan contact the man’s boss. When he did, Rohan said, the conversation led to closing a $402,000 sale, followed by a $180,000 sale for the company’s international mailings.

“We know our customers,” said Retail Associate Tracy Fleischmann, who encouraged a local author to consider a bigger mailing to promote a book he’d published.

The result? New revenue totaling $65,000.

Don’t be shy about asking customers questions, advises Retail Associate Steve Lorenzi.

Whether they have an established business or are just starting out, “ask if we can ship for them,” he said.

“Anticipate that they will need help and offer it,” Fleischmann added. “Make it easy for them. The leads are out there. Just ask your customers.”