An easier way

Laptop computer screen

USPS has streamlined the job posting process for hiring external bargaining unit employees and Postmaster relief positions.

A new online Job Posting Request form (eJPR) has replaced the Excel-based Job Posting Request form that was available on the Bargaining Hiring Blue page and the Critical Staffing Request (CSR) form.

The new eJPR form offers multiple advantages for those who submit requests. For example, it will take less time to submit a job posting, there will be fewer opportunities for errors and users will experience more “visibility” throughout the process.

The new form is available on the USPS Workforce Planning, Insights and Analytics website.

Beginning Jan. 13, hiring managers should use the new form for any job posting requests.

The Human Resources Shared Service Center (HRSSC) will accept the Excel-based eJPR form and CSR form through Friday, Jan. 17. After this date, the form will be returned to the submitter.

A User Guide for Local Services, User Guide for Field Users, FAQs, Local Services eJPR WebEx demo and Requesters eJPR WebEx demo are available for users who want more information about the new eJPR form.

If you experience technical issues, email the HRSSC eJPR escalations/returns team at