New capabilities

The Postal Service will add several capabilities to its Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool (IMSOT) on Feb. 9.

The tool, which USPS introduced last summer, automates the employee safety observation process for managers and supervisors.

IMSOT notifies managers and supervisors when an observation is due and allows them to complete the process electronically using an online dashboard that also provides compliance updates, analytics and other useful data. This allows the Postal Service to reduce accidents, evaluate workplace safety initiatives and make improvements.

During the initial rollout, only managers and supervisors with USPS-issued mobile devices could use the tool.

Beginning Feb. 9, managers and supervisors who use paper forms for safety observations can enter this information through the desktop version of IMSOT — allowing every manager and supervisor in the organization to track their safety-related observations.

Other improvements will include a feature that allows managers and supervisors to use their mobile device’s camera to scan an employee’s badge to capture his or her employee identification number.

Also, beginning Feb. 9, managers and supervisors can go to the Blue home page, type IMSOT into the URL bar and be taken directly to the tool’s dashboard.

“The Informed Mobility Safety Observation Tool is a valuable resource for the Postal Service, and we want to make it as easy as possible to use,” said Safety Director Linda DeCarlo. “Through these new capabilities, managers and supervisors can enter required observations, monitor compliance and track common findings so that proactive safety efforts can be taken before accidents occur.”