Step by step

A Michigan Postmaster has gone the extra mile to help implement Customer 360, the Postal Service’s new customer relationship management platform.

When USPS introduced Customer 360 last summer, Greater Michigan District leaders realized they needed to provide employees with hands-on, simplified training.

That’s when Northport, MI, Postmaster Jennelle Pelky stepped in as an ambassador for the platform, also known as C360.

“[Customer 360] opens the door of communication between management and our customers like no other program has before,” Pelky said. “It’s similar to [external customer service platforms], and USPS must evolve to continue to remain relevant and meet customer needs.”

C360 shows when, where and how often a customer has previously contacted the Postal Service for help, and it integrates other applications to help address customers’ inquiries faster. The platform is part of the organization’s core strategy to deliver excellent customer experiences during every interaction.

After mastering C360 herself, Pelky created step-by-step training materials for her colleagues throughout the district.

“She has been instrumental in personally training our Postmasters and C360 champions,” said Janelle Kamp-Jasulaitis, Greater Michigan District’s consumer and industry contact manager.

The Customer 360 Blue page has more information about the platform. C360 users are also encouraged to request access to the C360 user distribution list through eAccess.

Let’s Celebrate!

The Postal Service will release Let’s Celebrate!, a colorful stamp designed to add an extra dash of fun to celebratory mail and packages, on Friday, Feb. 14.

Designed by Antonio Alcalá, a USPS art director, the stamp art features an array of brightly colored circles in varying sizes arranged in a random pattern to resemble a burst of confetti.

The word “celebrate” is spelled across several of the circles.

The stamp can be used to add a festive touch to greeting cards, invitations and gift-bearing envelopes and packages.

The Let’s Celebrate! stamp will be available at Post Offices nationwide and

Play it again, Cupid

Need some inspiration heading into Valentine’s Day weekend?

Let Link help.

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Numbers game

“News Quiz” is a weekly feature that lets you test your knowledge of recent Link stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. True or false: Last week, the Postal Service reported total revenue for fiscal year 2020’s first quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2019) was $19.4 billion, down 6.2 percent from the same period one year earlier.

a) True
b) False

2. What’s the name of the new tool that allows customers to access the tracking history of a domestic package?

a) Informed Delivery
b) Informed History
c) Informed Tracking
d) USPS Premium Tracking

3. Fill in the blank: Currently, supplemental wages are subject to a withholding rate of (blank).

a) 17 percent
b) 22 percent
c) 37 percent
d) None of the above

4. What is the name of the latest #PostalProud initiative that showcases USPS employees?

a) Behind the Eagle
b) Beyond the Blue
c) Inside Blue
d) Peek into Peak

5. Which of the following PBS news programs was co-anchored by Gwen Ifill, the subject of this year’s Black Heritage stamp?

a) “Frontline”
b) “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer”
c) “PBS NewsHour”
d) “Washington Week”

Answers: 1) b. Total revenue during fiscal year 2020’s first quarter was $19.4 billion, down 1.8 percent from the same period one year earlier. 2) d. 3) b. 4) c. 5) c.