Are you compliant?

Hand holds up skimmer device near credit card payment machine

USPS has introduced a tool to help employees log the payment device inspections that are required each day at Post Offices and other retail locations.

Employees must perform these inspections to identify tampering, including the presence of skimmers — small, hard-to-detect devices that fraudsters attach to credit card readers to steal information.

The new Daily Payment Device Inspection (DPDI) tool allows employees to log their inspections and transmit them electronically — a faster, more secure method than the paper logs that were previously used.

If the tool isn’t used each day, the Post Office will be considered noncompliant and reported to retail management.

The USPS Daily Payment Device Inspection Tool website and the standard work instruction document have more information.

Additionally, the Postal Service wants employees to know that its semiannual retail inventory will start Saturday, Feb. 22. Through this process, all Post Offices must confirm the serial numbers on their payment card devices. Offices that fail to do so will be considered noncompliant.

Managers and supervisors will receive additional information about this process from USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

Employees who have questions can send an email to the Retail Payment Card Information (PCI) Compliance team at