Cremated remains update

The Postal Service has introduced a kit to ship cremated remains for pets and other animals.

Two versions of the Cremated Remains Animal Kit — which must be shipped through Priority Mail Express — are available:

• The first version of the kit includes a roll of Priority Mail Express adhesive tape.

• The kit’s second version includes a Priority Mail Express tape roll, a self-sealing plastic bag, bubble cushioning and a copy of the Publication 139, How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains guidelines.

The guidelines for shipping animal remains are similar to the guidelines for shipping human remains.

Customers who choose to use their own packaging must adhere to the shipping guidelines, which include affixing the bright orange Label 139 to all sides of the box, including the top and bottom.

Both the first and second versions of the kit are available at at no cost.

Label 139 is available online and at Post Offices.

Additionally, the Postal Service has released a video that explains how to ship cremated remains.