Zoom in

The Postal Service is transitioning to Zoom, a new teleconferencing platform that will eventually replace WebEx, the organization’s current online meeting tool.

Zoom offers reliable, user-friendly online video conferencing and teleconferencing.

“Our goal is to reduce in-person meetings and emails in favor of personalized video meetings,” said Acting Chief Information Officer Scott Bombaugh. “This will drive closer collaboration and better meeting outcomes.”

Beginning in March, all USPS computer users can participate in Zoom meetings they are invited to attend and schedule meetings up to 40 minutes in duration.

USPS computer users who have been approved as WebEx schedulers in eAccess can schedule Zoom meetings of no time limit through Outlook. For initial sign-on, use the “Sign In with SSO” button on the right, not the main “Sign In” feature in the middle of the screen.

For non-WebEx schedulers, Zoom does not appear in your Outlook ribbon. To access it, search “Zoom” by clicking the “Start” button in the bottom left corner of your device.

After July 31, WebEx will no longer be available and users will be unable to access meetings and recordings stored on WebEx.

The Zoom Blue page has more information.