Private eyes

The Postal Service wants employees to know that Zoom, the new teleconferencing platform the organization uses, features enhanced security to protect online meetings from unauthorized participants.

Recent news reports have cited security flaws in Zoom’s commercial version, which has become a popular video conferencing option for many users sheltered in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

The flaws could allow unauthorized individuals to gain access to video meetings and other information, according to reports.

However, the version of Zoom that USPS uses is different from the one mentioned in the news.

First, the Postal Service has configured Zoom to automatically add a password to all meetings.

Second, the USPS version of Zoom is certified under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRamp), a government-wide program that provides a standardized security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring of products and services like Zoom.

While the FedRamp-certified version of Zoom offers enhanced security features, postal employees can further strengthen meeting security by following these tips:

  • Enable Zoom’s waiting room option to keep participants locked out meetings until admitted by the host
  • Lock meetings after all participants have joined
  • Limit “sharing privileges” to the host only

Meeting hosts also have the option to remove unwanted participants.

The Zoom conferencing Blue page has additional security tips and information.