Sharing your view

USPS has postponed the annual Postal Pulse employee survey until summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Operating Officer David E. Williams and Chief Human Resources Officer Isaac Cronkhite announced the news in a letter to managers and supervisors last week.

“This does not delay our need to practice the principles of engagement every day,” Williams and Cronkhite wrote. “In fact, it is more important than ever. Allowing everyone the opportunity to share their opinion, both formally and informally, is important to our success as a team.”

To continue fostering workplace engagement, the organization is encouraging managers and supervisors to conduct “next level connection” conversations with employees.

Like the survey, these conversations are designed to help managers and supervisors measure employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their work. The conversations also allow employees to share observations about their workplace environments.

The Engagement Blue page has more information on next level connection conversations, including detailed instructions on conducting the conversations and recording the results.

The Postal Pulse survey is usually held in the spring. USPS will announce more details about the next survey, including the administration dates, later.