Take notice

The Postal Service has introduced an online form to help customers who send Political Mail.

Political Mail consists of mailings from registered political candidates, parties and related organizations like political action committees. USPS delivered a record 3 billion pieces of Political Mail during the 2018 midterm election cycle — a number that could grow this year.

The new form, located on usps.com, allows customers to initiate Political Mail notices, which alert Post Office facilities and delivery units about a customer’s incoming mailing. Customers are encouraged to submit their information through the form at least two days before the mail arrives at a facility.

Customers also can use the form to initiate a Political Mail inquiry, which is used to report concerns such as delivery delays, damaged mail, misdelivered mail and undelivered mail.

USPS requires that a separate notice or inquiry be sent for each mailing.

“This online tool will help us better support our Political Mail customers and continue to provide the service they expect from us,” said Vivian Ramsey, a mailing senior sales executive who serves as a lead expert on Political Mail.

The Election Mail and Political Mail Blue page has more information and resources.