Board of Governors

The U.S. Senate has confirmed two nominees to the Postal Service Board of Governors.

The Senate confirmed William Zollars and Donald Lee Moak to each serve on the board for the remainder of seven-year terms expiring Dec. 8, 2022.

“We are pleased that the Senate has confirmed Bill Zollars and Lee Moak as governors,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. “We thank the president for nominating them and the Senate for their quick confirmation.”

President Donald J. Trump, who nominated Zollars in December and Moak in March, officially appointed both men to the board following the Senate’s confirmation on June 18.

The USPS Board of Governors acts much like a board of directors, conducting long-range planning and setting strategic policies, among other duties.

The Leadership page on has more information about the board.

Preparing for the unexpected

Postal employees standing in a USPS plant.

The Postal Service has developed a new tool to help managers at mail processing plants prepare for unexpected events — such as the coronavirus pandemic — before they affect mail processing and delivery.

The COVID-19 IVES Rest of Day Available Employee Projection Report gathers data from several sources including Time and Attendance Control System information, the Employee Resource Management System and the Informed Visibility Employee Scheduler (IVES).

Enterprise Analytics aggregates the data to create the report, which makes projections based on employee availability, recent overtime usage and recent leave usage.

Managers can use the report to determine contingency plans for a variety of situations, such as transferring mail and packages between facilities or deploying available staff to neighboring facilities in need of support.

The report is automatically updated once per day, per time zone, at approximately 12:15 p.m. local time.

“This is a great report because it gives a snapshot of what is going to happen as far as attendance for the night,” said Margarette Kim, in-plant support manager at the New Jersey Network Distribution Center.

Managers can access the report on the Informed Visibility website by selecting the “Informed Visibility Employee Scheduler” from the Workload Performance tab. The report can also be found in IVES under the headings “Reports & Analytics,” “Leave Rate” and “OT.”

Supervisors and managers who don’t have Informed Visibility and IVES access should submit a request for each through eAccess to receive their manager’s approval.

Bright and bold

The latest Thank You for the Thank-You’s video highlights more messages from customers who are finding creative ways to show gratitude for USPS during the coronavirus pandemic.

There’s a glimpse of brightly hand-lettered signs in a window that form the phrase “Thank you mail carriers.”

That’s soon followed by a boldly spray-painted banner attached to a fence: “Hey, postal workers … you’re first class! Thank you.”

The 30-second video is the 11th installment in a series.

USPS released the video last week and shared it on its social media channels, where the organization also distributed the previous 10 installments.

News Briefs

Scanning snapshot

Scanning snapshot. The Postal Service’s national scanning rating was 96.99 percent during the week ending June 19, down from 97.01 percent one week earlier.

Western led the seven areas with a rating of 97.57 percent, while Dakotas topped the 67 districts with a 98.91 percent rating.

The week’s top gainer was Colorado/Wyoming District, which ranked 58th among the districts with a 96.12 percent rating, up almost 1 percentage point from one week earlier.

Scanning data allows customers to track their mail and packages, which helps USPS deliver excellent service, boost loyalty and drive revenue.

To see the latest data, go to the Informed Visibility website and select “Customer Experience,” followed by “DES 2 Scan Performance.”

Independence Day. The Postal Service is providing managers, supervisors and others with general operating policy and planning guidance for the July 4 Independence Day holiday, which falls on a Saturday this year.

A new memo, available on Blue, explains guidelines for delivery, retail, processing, international service, maintenance and logistics operations.

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