On the money

Postal Service customers can check the status of their money orders through a new interface on usps.com.

The feature allows customers to see a near-real-time status of money orders they purchase at Post Offices, including if an order has been cashed.

Additionally, customers can use the feature to check the status of a money order inquiry.

“This new functionality is part of the Postal Service’s ongoing efforts to improve fraud prevention and the overall experience for customers,” said Controller and Vice President Cara Greene. “We’re proud to deliver these enhancements for our customers.”

To use the status tool, customers need the money order serial number, the identification number of the Post Office that issued the order and the issued amount, which are all printed on the money order receipt.

To submit a money order inquiry or to report a lost or stolen money order, customers must submit a PS Form 6401, Money Order Inquiry, at a Post Office.

Employees who handle money order transactions and suspect fraud should call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455. Employees who suspect they have been given a fake money order can call the money order verification system at 866-459-7822.