Essential information

USPS letter carrier walking near storefront.

USPS wants every employee and contractor to continue to carry the essential service provider letter that the organization issued this year.

The letter explains that the Postal Service is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure and is continuing normal operations during the coronavirus pandemic as well as the civil unrest occurring in many communities.

Additionally, the letter explains that postal workers are exempt from travel restrictions and curfew orders issued by state and local governments.

Employees and contractors should show the letter to law enforcement officers if they’re stopped and questioned while performing their duties or while traveling to and from work.

USPS also wants employees and contractors to:

  • Carry a Postal Service-issued identification badge whenever they travel and show the ID and essential service provider letter if stopped by law enforcement officers enforcing travel restrictions
  • Explain the nature of their work for the Postal Service and the reason they’re traveling, including whether they’re commuting to or from work or traveling during their workday
  • Carry their supervisor’s name, number and email address in case authorities need additional information

Employees and contractors who have not received the letter should contact their manager or supervisor.

The Postal Service issued the letter in March, followed by reminders in May. The letter, related stand-up talks and other materials are available on the COVID-19 Blue page.

Additional resources to help educate employees about the pandemic and the Postal Service’s response are available on the COVID-19 LiteBlue page.

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