State of grace

USPS has ended an extended grace period for nonpayment and resumed normal billing for PO Box customers.

On three occasions in recent months, the Postal Service extended the usual 10-day payment grace period to 30 days to assist PO Box customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting July 1, the Web Box Activity Tracking System (WebBATS) will automatically close PO Box accounts with unpaid balances for March, April and May.

Late fees can be assessed for PO Boxes that were due in May, if the customer makes payment within 45 days of the May 31 deadline.

Customers who wish to re-rent their closed PO Boxes can do so as long as it’s still available. The PO Box must be rented as a “new” rental if payment is received more than 45 days after the due date.

PO Box customers who use automatic payments are not affected by this change, unless their payment method cannot be processed.

The Postal Service distributed a stand-up talk last week that highlights this information.

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