Show of loyalty

The Postal Service will begin an initiative next month to help small-business customers grow.

The USPS Loyalty Program, the first of its kind in the organization’s history, will allow businesses to earn credits for using Click-N-Ship to purchase Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express services. Additionally, the program will establish “loyalty tiers” that reward customers for using these products throughout the year.

“The Postal Service offers businesses world-class service and the largest delivery network in the nation,” said Customer Experience Vice President Kelly Sigmon. “Through the USPS Loyalty Program, we want to help businesses — especially small businesses that are the lifeblood of our economy — to use our products and services to attract new customers and generate revenue.”

The USPS Loyalty Program will offer credits to registered Click-N-Ship business customers to use for future shipping product purchases. Customers will earn $40 in credits for every $500 spent on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express postage through Click-N-Ship.

New business users will receive an additional $40 “welcome bonus” credit for the first $500 spent on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express postage, and any registered Click-N-Ship user will receive a $20 “introductory bonus” if they purchase postage between August and September and meet the $500 spending level.

The program will establish tiers that provide increasing levels of benefits based on how much a customer spends each year on their shipping needs.

For example, customers who spend $10,000 on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipping will be moved from the base tier to the silver tier, and those who spend $20,000 will be moved to the gold tier.

The USPS Loyalty Program launches Aug. 1. More information is available at

The new program is part of the Postal Service’s broader strategy to attract and support small-business customers.

The organization also encourages employees to submit sales leads for businesses that could benefit from postal products and services, and Post Offices across the nation regularly hold Grow Your Business Day events in their communities.

Additionally, USPS plans to roll out a program that will offer a 10 percent postage discount for all Every Door Direct Mail retail mailings, including flats, postcards and flyers.

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