Extended Mail Forwarding

USPS is testing a service that allows customers to pay a fee to have their permanent Change of Address mail forwarded for up to 18 months.

Extended Mail Forwarding is geared toward customers who may be displaced temporarily, on extended assignments, or who may not have updated their mailing contacts within the usual mail forwarding period of 15 days to one year.

The organization is testing the service in nine districts: Alabama, Dakotas, Dallas, Northern New Jersey, Northland, Ohio Valley, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Ana.

The test began Aug. 1 and could last as long as three years.

During the test, customers whose old or new address is in the participating districts will have the option to extend their existing permanent Change of Address request in six-month increments for up to 18 months.

Here are the Extended Mail Forwarding fees and options available to customers:

• $19.95 (six-month extension)
• $29.95 (12-month extension)
• $39.95 (18-month extension)

Customers can sign up for the service at Retail Systems Software locations, mobile point of sale locations, locations with self-service kiosks or through usps.com.

Beginning Aug. 27, customers can also request Extended Mail Forwarding when submitting their initial Change of Address request using Mover’s Guide on usps.com.