Displays of gratitude

The Postal Service has four new stamps honoring two simple words that can mean so much: “thank you.”

The Thank You stamps, to be released Friday, Aug. 21, can be used to mail cards, notes and other expressions of gratitude.

USPS is introducing the stamps amid renewed awareness of the importance of offering gratitude, including books and news reports about people using heartfelt sentiments to lift spirits during trying times.

The stamps feature gold foil and cursive script with an elegant floral design that swirls around the words “thank you” and background colors of blue-gray, purple, muted green and soft maroon.

Greg Breeding served as art director for the stamps, which were designed by Dana Tanamachi, a lettering artist. She drew the original sketches for the calligraphy by hand, then created the final art digitally.

The stamps will be available at Post Offices and usps.com.

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