Delivering for the nation

In a new video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy brings USPS employees up-to-date on the organization’s latest activities.

DeJoy discusses mail volumes, the use of data to evaluate mail flow, efforts to achieve operational excellence, the ongoing recovery from the recent hurricanes and wildfires, and the organization’s commitment to deliver election-related mail.

“No matter what, we will do everything we can to ensure we deliver ballots in a timely fashion. This is our top priority over the next five weeks. I have great confidence that we will perform extremely well in delivering the nation’s Election Mail,” DeJoy says.

The video, released Oct. 5, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees throughout the organization during the next week.

Festival of Lights

The Postal Service will honor the Jewish Festival of Lights with the release of a new Hanukkah stamp on Oct. 6.

The stamp honors the family-centered celebration that includes the ceremonial lighting of the hanukiah, the nine-branched menorah used during the holiday.

The stamp illustrates the hanukiah’s lighting on the last evening of the holiday. All eight candles have been lit, and a child reaches up to replace the shamash, the helper candle used to light the others.

Ethel Kessler served as the stamp’s art director, while artist Jing Jing Tsong created the design.

Tsong intentionally chose the stamp’s colors and illustration to evoke Hanukkah traditions as seen through the eyes of children. The darker blue colors in the stamp’s backdrop symbolize the winter season, while the brightly colored flaming candles reflect the spirit and warmth of sharing the holiday traditions.

The story of Hanukkah — “dedication” in Hebrew — tells of reclaiming the Temple in Jerusalem, which had been desecrated by a conquering army. Worshippers prepared to rededicate the holy space but discovered only one small jar of consecrated oil, enough to last one day. Rather than wait for more oil to arrive, they lit the Temple menorah, which burned for eight days.

Hannukah celebrates this miracle of the oil. In addition to lighting the menorah, celebrants recite blessings each night and might play games, host a sing-along of favorite Hanukkah tunes or prepare and eat fried foods.

This year, Hanukkah begins Dec. 10.

The Forever stamp — which will be available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and — is one of 2020 holiday releases, along with Holiday Delights, Winter Scenes, Our Lady of Guápulo and Kwanzaa.

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Relocation expenses

Postal Service employee relocation expense reimbursement requests submitted after Nov. 20 will be processed for payment on Jan. 2, 2021.

USPS established the Nov. 20 deadline to ensure the organization has adequate time to record and report all relocation expenses for 2020 tax purposes.

All relocation expense reimbursement requests submitted after the deadline will be processed for payment on Jan. 2.

Employees should refer their questions to their relocation counselor or send an email to the USPS relocation team.

The Relocation Blue page also has information.

Taking control

Man delivers insulin injection

Postal Service employees can participate in an upcoming webinar to learn about diabetes, a chronic health condition that affects more than 34 million people in the United States.

The session, “Take Control of Diabetes,” will be held Tuesday, Oct. 13, at noon EDT.

Participants will receive an overview of diabetes, including an explanation of the condition, risk factors and prevention and treatment options.

Employees interested in participating should use the Google Chrome browser to register before the event on the webinar website. After signing up, directions on accessing the webinar will be emailed to each registrant.

Following the webinar, every registrant will receive an email with a link to an archived recording of the event, along with the slides.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the USPS Health and Wellness team.

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