Honoring a sacred trust

In his latest video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy discusses the role USPS employees play in the electoral process.

“The sanctity and security of the mail is a core value of the Postal Service, which is ingrained in all of us as part of our DNA — and the significance of that core value is never more evident or important than when it comes to the handling of our nation’s election mail,” DeJoy says.

The Postmaster General discusses the public’s trust in USPS and thanks employees for their dedication to accepting, processing and delivering mail-in ballots during the election. He also explains that the organization will apply extra resources wherever needed.

The video, released Oct. 13, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees throughout the organization during the next week.

USPS has also issued a news release with additional information about the organization’s commitment to delivering Election Mail.

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Coronavirus info

The Postal Service wants employees to remember that the organization has three websites that offer information about the coronavirus pandemic.

The first site, located at about.usps.com/newsroom/covid-19, provides the latest information on how the organization is continuing operations and protecting employees and customers.

The site also provides:

  • Information on a variety of postal products and services for customers, small-business owners and commercial mailers
  • Videos on new safety procedures for vehicles, mail carriers and Post Offices, as well as “Thank You for the Thank-You’s,” a series of 30-second videos that showcase messages from customers who are grateful for the organization’s service
  • Links to several government resources, including coronavirus.gov, the federal government’s primary website on the pandemic, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, which offers a list of symptoms, recommendations, updates and more

The other two sites are the Blue and LiteBlue COVID-19 Employee Resources pages.

These sites, located under the “Coronavirus employee resources” heading on the Blue and LiteBlue homepages, are updated regularly by Corporate Communications to help educate employees about the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19, the disease associated with the virus.

The Blue page is available on any computer connected to the USPS network, while the LiteBlue page can be viewed on any computer with an internet connection.

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