Go Teams!

Postal Service employees with ACE computers can request access to Microsoft Teams, an application that integrates an array of tools on a single platform to foster collaboration and increase efficiency.

Teams can help people work together on one or more projects. It brings together chat, video conferencing and file storage functions, allowing users to work together in real time.

For example, co-workers can discuss projects in a group or through one-to-one chat messages that, unlike Skype chats, are saved for future reference. This eliminates the need for large attachments and multiple emails, which are sometimes missed.

The platform also allows users to share files and co-edit documents in real time, automatically saving edits as they are made.

Additionally, Teams allows users to quickly switch from chat messaging to video conferencing, which can accommodate as many as 10,000 participants at once. (Zoom is the official USPS web conferencing option available through all conference rooms, but Teams provides another videoconferencing option for ACE computer users.)

Teams also offers Together mode, a group video conferencing option that uses artificial intelligence segmentation technology.

At least four participants are required for Together, which places live video of each virtual meeting participant on a shared background in one “room” so participants can see each other’s faces, body language and other non-verbal communication. Research has shown that viewing people during meetings enhances meeting efficiency and outcomes.

ACE computer users can receive access to the Teams application even if they haven’t migrated to Office 365. A Quick User Guide can help with the learning curve, and USPS will offer a “Getting Started with Microsoft Teams” webinar on three dates:

Additional webinars are planned.

To access Teams, request “Office 365 Teams and Planner” in eAccess, allow two business days following approval, then follow the download instructions.