For the record

As more Postal Service business is being conducted remotely, the USPS Law Department is reminding employees to take care with Zoom recordings, emails and voicemail messages.

All three forms of communications are considered to be electronic records and can be subject to public information requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and litigation-related requests.

Here are some tips from the Law Department:

• Zoom recordings: Avoid recording Zoom meetings unless absolutely necessary for a business reason.

• Email communications: Keep emails to one subject and try to keep email chains organized by replying to the most recent email.

If the subject is highly confidential or sensitive, consider discussing the matter over the phone. If that isn’t an option, email only those with a need to know.

Also, don’t include personal information in business emails.

• Voicemail messages: The Postal Service recently arranged for many employees to receive their voicemails as emails. Be mindful that voicemail messages can be the subject of a FOIA or litigation request.

Employees who have questions should email the USPS Ethics Office or call its hotline at 202-268-6346.