Telework update

As part of the Postal Service’s efforts to promote social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, the organization’s telework contingency policy has been extended until June 7.

The policy allows eligible employees to telework, provided they have the necessary equipment and their position does not require their physical presence at their workplace.

The policy applies to Executive and Administrative Schedule and Postal Career Executive Service employees at USPS headquarters; headquarters employees who are domiciled elsewhere; headquarters-related field unit employees in facilities where telework is authorized; and area and district employees.

Under the policy, these employees can telework for up to five days each week, if they choose to do so.

Telework for bargaining-unit employees is governed by the Postal Service’s current memoranda of understanding on telework.

USPS will continue to review the telework contingency policy and make appropriate decisions based on conditions related to the pandemic. The organization’s general telework policy is also under review.

Officers, managers and supervisors must continue to promote all social distancing strategies within their facilities. This is especially important where teleworking is not feasible and employees must be physically present for work. Social distancing and the use of face coverings consistent with the Postal Service’s policy will also be monitored closely in these facilities.

Employees who have questions should speak to their manager or supervisor.