Parcel lockers

The Postal Service has updated its parcel locker requirements for apartment buildings.

The update revises Standard 4C of the Postal Operations Manual, changing the current 10-to-1 mailbox-to-parcel-locker ratio to 5-to-1 to better accommodate increases in package volumes.

According to the manual, all new and remodeled apartment buildings — which are required to install USPS-approved 4C equipment — must have at least one parcel locker for every five customer mail compartments.

Buildings with a minimum of five mail compartments must have at least one parcel locker.

In both cases, parcel lockers and mail compartments should be located close to the entrance.

Buildings with mail receptacles installed on exterior walls have similar requirements.

Apartment buildings should verify appropriate locations for installations of parcel lockers and mail compartments with local Postmasters.