Leading Edge

USPS is installing a new version of the Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows-based ACE workstations, eliminating the need for employees to switch from one browser to another in order to use different programs.

The new version of Microsoft Edge — which will become the Postal Service’s default browser — is more than a browser.

It will also provide new ways of interacting with the Zoom teleconferencing platform and Office 365 applications, which are part of the organization’s Office Workplace Modernization program.

Microsoft Edge also works with the Performance Evaluation System, eAccess and other postal websites.

The browser will be installed on all ACE computers by June 23 as part of a Windows update. The update will replace an older version of Microsoft Edge currently installed on the computers.

Employees will notice that the Microsoft Edge icon on the desktop taskbar will change from blue to green and blue after installation.

The organization’s Office 365 champions will invite users to participate in Microsoft Edge training sessions. Training will be available on HERO, too.

Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, an open-source application developed by Google that is the underlying architecture of several web browsers, including Google’s Chrome.

ACE workstation users who currently use Chrome can continue to do so, but it isn’t supported by the IT Service Desk.

Internet Explorer will continue to be available on ACE computers, but users are encouraged to use Microsoft Edge.