Everyone’s duty

postal worker handles mail on workroom floor

The Postal Service is reminding employees that it is of the utmost importance to protect the sanctity of the mail.

When people send and receive mail through USPS, they trust that their mail will be treated with respect and arrive safely.

Damaging, delaying, tampering with or destroying mail of any kind violates the sanctity of the mail and erodes the public’s trust in the Postal Service.

All mail, of any type, is important and must be respected. This includes customers’ bills, medication and personal correspondence, as well as products that are shipped by businesses.

Violating the sanctity of the mail can carry serious consequences, including disciplinary action and federal criminal penalties.

The Ethics Blue page has more information. If you have questions, call the ethics hotline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to ethics.help@usps.gov.